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The Sulfur Scavenger for Biogas Plants directly from the Manufacturer


High iron content - works immediately - prevents corrosion - no hazardous substance


General :

Sulfur-containing substrates cause high levels of sulfur in the biogas, which must be removed.
That means effort and therefore costs.

Additional to the desulphurization of the biogas
is to bind the sulfur with THIOCOMP® directly in the digestate. That does not only enhance the duration of gas desulphurization but
prevents the digester from sulfur-corrosion ("bio-corrosion").

THIOCOMP® is a natural, non-toxic iron mineral containing several iron oxides and iron oxidhydrates with a content of 40 - 50% (w/w) iron, which is introduced into the digestor together with the substrate.

THIOCOMP® is finely ground, highly active and works immediately after addition into the digester.

THIOCOMP® is pH-neutral, free of chloride,
non-corrosive and prevents the digester from sulfur-corrosion.

not a dangerous good. It is easy to transport, store and handle. Because natural iron minerals are mentioned in annex 5, according to article 2, section 7, letter b in the REACH-regulation there is no obligation to registration.

In contrast to several iron-hydroxide sludges from drinking water treatment THIOCOMP®
does not add any radioactivity into the digester. (
Technical information

Iron oxide hydrate, iron oxides and iron hydroxide are mentioned in the German "Düngemittelverordnung", Appendix 2, Table 8 under number 8.1.4 as permissible precipitants for sulfur and may be added up to 0.1% by weight of the DM.

Effect :

THIOCOMP® comes as a dry, fine powder and is highly active.

It is simply added together with the fermentation substrate and evenly distributed through the agitator. THIOCOMP® binds the sulfur directly in the digester as poorly soluble iron sulfide. As a result, the sulfur does not even pass into the biogas, but remains in the digestate and can be used as a valuable trace element.

THIOCOMP® can be used instead of or in addition to an existing gas or exhaust gas desulfurization, which increases the service life of the gas desulfurization accordingly and prevents corrosion in the digester.

Application Rate:

The required amount oft THIOCOMP® is to determine as follows:

- 1 Kg THIOCOMP® binds ca. 300 g sulfur

 - 1 Kg sulfur are bound from ca. 3,5 Kg THIOCOMP®

Based on the approximate 1 : 1 ratio between diluted sulfur in digestate and gaseous sulfur in biogas the needed amount of THIOCOMP® can be calculated with our:


The proportional-factor is preset as "2.0" but can be altered due to empirical values.

Any sensors give the H2S-instead of the total sulfur content in the biogas. The conversion is to be performed as follows:

          sulfur-content = H2S-content x 0,94 

So mostly the deviation between S and H2S will be negligible.

What does my sulfur removal cost?

The effective component of THIOCOMP® and comparable products is iron.To calculate the costs for iron-based sulfur removal the absolute iron content of the products must be considered, because water, loam etc. do not support the sulfur removal capacity.Due to his high total iron content THIOCOMP® is
cheaper than most of the comparable products and saves costs for transport and storage.


With our:

"Iron Price Calculator"

you can easily compare your recent product with our THIOCOMP®.

The Calculators are Excel-sheets that has to be downloaded and possibly stored locally for it to work.
Then it can also be used independently from the website.
Several apps, especially on smartphones, require an input as % or decimal number (50% = 0,5).


- Product specification and SDS on request -